Nokia FXED
Optical Module
HUAWEI 34060713
HUAWEI 34060713
HUAWEI 34060713

HUAWEI Optical Module 34060713 Optical Transceiver SFP+ 1310nm 9.8G LC SM 1.4km

34060713 network for HUAWEI transceiver module Fiber optic SFP+ 1310 nm

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    1 pc
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    3-5 days
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    six months
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    T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
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HUAWEI Optical Module 34060713 Optical Transceiver SFP+ 1310nm 9.8G LC SM 1.4km

Product Description

Place of Origin
Brand Name
Model Number
Borad Name
Part Number
Optical Transceiver,,SFP+,1310nm,9.8G,-8.2dBm~+0.5dBm,-10.3dBm,LC.SM.1.4km
Gross Weight
0.05 (kg)
Gross Length-Width-Height
(2 a box) 13.5*7.5*3.3 (CM)

02311JDH pRRU3911(900M+1800M+2100M+2600M) pRRU3911-LampSite(TX925~960MHz/RX880~915MHz,TX1805~1880MHz/RX1710~1785MHz,TX2110~2170MHz/RX1920~1980MHz,TX2620~2690MHz/RX2500~2570MHz,PoE,1.25G,2T2R*3,3*200mW, Inside WIFI, Inside  Antenna )

02311HDH Function Module,RHUB3908,WD6MXRHUBAA,pRRU pool and PoE support

02311LMG Function Module,pRRU3911,WD6MXAAD6AR0,LampSite

3057252 Finished Board Unit,HERT BBU,WD22UMPTe2,Universal Main Processing Transmission Unit

02311LVN pRRU3911(900M+1800M+2100M+2600M) pRRU3911-LampSite(TX925~960MHz/RX880~915MHz,TX1805~1880MHz/RX1710~1785MHz,TX2110~2170MHz/RX1920~1980MHz,TX2620~2690MHz/RX2500~2570MHz,PoE,1.25G,2T2R*3,3*200mW, Inside WIFI, Inside  Antenna , Thailand )

HUAWEI 34060713 02311MQE pRRU3911(900M+1800M+2100M)- Inside Wi-Fi pRRU3911-WD6MXAAD6AJ3-LampSite(TX925~960MHz/RX880~915MHz,TX1805~1880MHz/RX1710~1785MHz,TX2110~2170MHz/RX1920~1980MHz,PoE,1.25G,2T2R*3, Inside WIFI, Inside  Antenna , )

02311MPS pRRU3911(DD800M+1800M+2100M+2600M)- Inside Wi-Fi pRRU3911-WD6MXAAD6AS0-LampSite(TX791~821MHz/RX832~862MHz,TX1805~1880MHz/RX1710~1785MHz,TX2110~2170MHz/RX1920~1980MHz,TX2620~2690MHz/RX2500~2570MHz,PoE,1.25G,2T2R*3,3*200mW, Inside WiFi, Inside  Antenna )

02311MPU pRRU3911(850M+PCS+AWS+2600M)- Inside Wi-Fi pRRU3911-WD6MXAAD6AT0-LampSite(TX869~894MHz/RX824~849MHz,TX1930~1990MHz/RX1850~1910MHz,TX2110~2155MHz/RX1710~1755MHz,TX2620~2690MHz/RX2500~2570MHz,PoE,1.25G,2T2R*3,3*200mW, Inside WiFi, Inside  Antenna )

02311LMG pRRU3911(850M+1800M+2100M+TDD2300M)- Inside Wi-Fi pRRU3911-WD6MXAAD6AR0-LampSite(TX869~894MHz/RX824~849MHz,TX1805~1880MHz/RX1710~1785MHz,TX2110~2170MHz/RX1920~1980MHz,TX2300~2390MHz/RX2300~2390MHz,PoE,1.25G,2T2R*3,3*200mW, Inside WiFi, Inside  Antenna )

02311LRW pRRU3911(900M+1800M+2100M+2600M) pRRU3911-WD6MXAAE6AQ0-LampSite(TX925~960MHz/RX880~915MH,TX1805~1880MHz/RX1710~1785MHz,TX2110~2170MHz/RX1920~1980MHz,TX2496~2690MHz/RX2496~2690MHz,PoE,1.25G,2T2R*3,3*200mW, Inside  Antenna )

02311NQY pRRU3911(1800M+2100M+2100M+TDD2300M)- Inside Wi-Fi pRRU3911-WD6MXAAD6AX0-LampSite(TX1805~1880MHz/RX1710~1785MHz,TX2110~2170MHz/RX1920~1980MHz,TX2300~2390MHz/RX2300~2390MHz,PoE,1.25G,2T2R*3,3*200mW, Inside WiFi, Inside  Antenna , Thailand )

02311RXD Multimode Radio -pRRU3911(850M+1800M+2100M)- Inside WiFi- Inside  Antenna Spare Parts pRRU3911-WD6MYAAD6BC0-LampSite(TX869~894MHz/RX824~849MHz,TX1805~1880MHz/RX1710~1785MHz,TX2110~2170MHz/RX1920~1980MHz,PoE,1.25G,2T2R*3,3*200mW, Inside WiFi, Inside  Antenna )

02311RXE Multimode Radio -pRRU3911(1800M+2100M)- Inside WiFi- Inside  Antenna Spare Parts pRRU3911-WD6MYAAD6AA0-LampSite(TX1805~1880MHz/RX1710~1785MHz,TX2110~2170MHz/RX1920~1980MHz,PoE,1.25G,2T2R*2,2*200mW, Inside WiFi, Inside  Antenna )

02311QDY pRRU3911(900M+1800M+2100M)- Inside Wi-Fi pRRU3911-WD6MXAAD6AJ1-LampSite(TX925~960MHz/RX880~915MH,TX1805~1880MHz/RX1710~1785MHz,TX2110~2170MHz/RX1920~1980MHz,PoE,1.25G,2T2R*3, Inside WiFi, Outside  Antenna , )

02311RWF pRRU3911(900M+1800M+2100M+2600M)- Inside WIFI- Inside  Antenna  pRRU3911-WD6MXAAD6AJ2-LampSite(TX925~960MHz/RX880~915MHz,TX1805~1880MHz/RX1710~1785MHz,TX2110~2170MHz/RX1920~1980MHz,TX2620~2690MHz/RX2500~2570MHz,PoE,1.25G,2T2R*3,3*200mW, Inside WIFI, Inside  Antenna , Thailand )

02311NRA pRRU3911(1800M+2100M+2100M+2600M)- Inside WiFi- Inside  Antenna  pRRU3911-WD6MXAAD6AV2-LampSite(TX1805~1880MHz/RX1710~1785MHz,TX2110~2170MHz/RX1920~1980MHz,TX2620~2690MHz/RX2500~2570MHz,PoE,1.25G,2T2R*3,3*200mW, Inside WiFi, Inside  Antenna , Thailand )

02311QRL pRRU3911(1800M+2100M+2100M+2600M+LAA)- Inside WiFi- Inside  Antenna  pRRU3911-WD6MXAAD6AV0-

Product Details

HUAWEI 34060713

Huawei 34060713

Our Advantages

We have HUAWEI 34060713 for sale, including refurbished and new ones, and the price is usually 90% lower than the original supplier's price. Our super fast turnaround time and high-quality inventory all over the world mean that we can accurately deliver the products replaced on the same day to the place where they are needed, and minimize network downtime.

HUAWEI 34060713, like all our hardware, takes comprehensive warranty as the standard. Whether you need new products or renovated products, we only purchase green market equipment of the highest quality and environmental protection. All these are provided at the best possible price, and a large amount of cost-effectiveness will be directly passed on to you.

HUAWEI 34060713 represents only one product in our world-class hardware portfolio. The portfolio includes very well-known industry names, such as Nokia, Huawei, ZTE, Siemens, Nortel, Ericsson, Alcatel, Lucent, etc. We have a lot of inventory, thank you very much for sharing with customers.

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