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  • A batch of HUAWEI RRU5909-2100 02311TBC reserved by the customer
    A batch of HUAWEI RRU5909-2100 02311TBC reserved by the customer Feb 29, 2024
    Thank you to the Russian customer for their trust in our company. This batch of goods has been successfully shipped. Trading is just the starting point, service has no end, and being trusted by customers is also a very happy thing. To provide the most stable quality and considerate service. We truly hope that Products or Services met your expectations anothat you enjoyed your experience with us.Wewould love to hear any feedback you may havegood or bad.Thanks again for choosing.
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  • Test Ericsson 6630 KDU 137 848/11 Baseband Card
    Test Ericsson 6630 KDU 137 848/11 Baseband Card Jan 24, 2024
    The Ericsson KDU 137 848/11 is a baseband card used in Ericsson's base station equipment. It is designed to handle the processing and control of digital signals in the base station. The card provides advanced functionality and performance for wireless communication networks. With its high capacity and flexibility, it supports various radio access technologies and enables efficient management of network resources. The Ericsson 6630 baseband card plays a crucial role in handling the baseband processing tasks, such as signal modulation and demodulation, channel coding, and network synchronization, ensuring reliable and high-quality communication services.
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  • What is telecommunications?
    What is telecommunications? Dec 27, 2023
    Telecommunications, also known as telecom, is the exchange of information over significant distances by electronic means and refers to all types of voice, data and video transmission. This is a broad term that includes a wide range of information-transmitting technologies and communications infrastructures, such as wired phones; mobile devices, such as cellphones; microwave communications; fiber optics; satellites; radio and television broadcasting; the internet; and telegraphs. A complete, single telecommunications circuit consists of two stations, each equipped with a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter and receiver at any station may be combined into a single device called a transceiver. The medium of signal transmission can be via electrical wire or cable -- also known as copper -- optical fiber, electromagnetic fields or light. The free space transmission and reception of data by means of electromagnetic fields is called wireless communications. Xingheda Telecom has been in telecom industry for over 10 years. We have good source of telecom products, such as, optical transceivers, optic fiber cables, cards, power supply, bracket, connectors… of brand of Nokia/ Alcatel/ Ericsson/ Huawei… If anything we could help, please feel free to contact with us. We will give you biggest support.
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  • Huawei RRU5909 2100MHz 02311TBC WD5M215909CU
    Huawei RRU5909 2100MHz 02311TBC WD5M215909CU Dec 08, 2023
    The Huawei RRU5909 is a radio frequency unit designed for multi-mode operation in the 2100MHz frequency band. It supports a power output of 2*60W and operates on a -48V power supply. The specific model number for this unit is Huawei RRU5909-2100 02311TBC WD5M215909CU. It is commonly used in wireless communication systems for mobile networks.
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  • How to test Nokia ASIB 473764A Card
    How to test Nokia ASIB 473764A Card Nov 15, 2023
    Modellnummer ASIB Typ Baseband Ursprungsort ChangSha, China Markenname Nokia Verwenden Wireless communication Application Base Station Whether you need new or refurbished products, for NOKIA ASIB we adhere to a comprehensive warranty as the standard. We only purchase the highest quality equipment. All of these are provided at the best possible price. We are able to provide a test report before shipment, and the test video is as follows.
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  • How to login Huawei ONT
    How to login Huawei ONT Nov 02, 2023
    ONT includes HG8010, HG8010H, HG8045, HG8045A, HG8240, HG8240H, HG8240T, HG8240W, HG8245, HG8245H, HG8245Q, HG8245T, HG8247, HG8247H, and router, etc. HG8010, HG8010H, HG8240, HG8240H, HG8240T, HG8240W are bridging ONTs and do not have the Wi-Fi function. You can log in to ONT only in wired login mode. – Wireless login 1. Connect your mobile phone, pad, or PC to the Wi-Fi network of the ONT. 2. Enter the IP address in the address bar of a browser and press Enter. On the displayed login page, enter the username and password. (For details about the IP address, login username, and password, see the product nameplate.) – Wired login 1. Use a network cable to connect the Huawei ONT to your PC 2. Set the IP address of the PC in the same subnet as the web address of the Huawei ONT. For example, if the web address of the Huawei ONT is For the web address of the Huawei ONT, see the product nameplate, the IP address of the PC is (note: The preceding cable connection diagram and login pages are only for reference, and those of the actual product prevails.) 3. Log in to the web configuration page a. Open a browser. In the address bar, enter the web address (printed on the nameplate of the Huawei ONT). Press Enter. b. Enter the login user name and password (printed on the nameplate of the Huawei ONT). Click Log In.
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