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  • The Dragon Boat Festival holiday
    The Dragon Boat Festival holiday Jun 05, 2024
    Cultural customs of the Dragon Boat Festival in China The Dragon Boat Festival is one of the ancient traditional festivals of the Chinese nation, and it is also the most charming festival in early summer. It's not just about sustenance People's nostalgia for the poet Qu Yuan expresses their beautiful expectations and aspirations for blessings. Dragon Boat Festival Customs On the auspicious Dragon Boat Festival, people pick fresh calamus and branch grass in the early morning, tie them with garlic and hang them in bundles by the bedside On doors and windows, smoke and burn fragrant Cangshu and Bai Zhi to pray for detoxification at home. People have made fragrances containing traditional Chinese medicine spices.The committee and the colorful rope are given as gifts to each other for wearing. At noon, it is common to bathe in fragrant soup made from camphor and mugwort, and then exchange it with clear water.A refreshing and clean new outfit. Sprinkle realgar powder and realgar wine in damp places to ward off evil and eliminate disasters. People eat Zongzi and race dragon boats on this day. There will be a three-day holiday from May 8th to May 10th. If you have any questions during the holiday, please contact us by email
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  • Meeting with clients
    Meeting with clients May 24, 2024
    Meeting with clients Welcome guests from afar to create a wonderful time together! It is an honor to receive customers from abroad today. Thank you for your trust and support in our company. Looking forward to embarking on an unforgettable journey of cooperation with you! This customer from Russia is really amazing! We had a meeting for almost three hours and learned a lot from our clients. Thank you for your in-depth discussion on the details of our product. We look forward to smoother cooperation in the future.
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  • Shipped to Russia. Everything went smoothly.
    Shipped to Russia. Everything went smoothly. Apr 19, 2024
    Only with quality can one be deeply loved, and only with integrity can one be trusted. Only by adhering to quality can we win the trust of customers.  This continuous stream of orders is the greatest recognition of our company.
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  •  Ericsson RRUS12 B3 and Ericsson RRUS 12B8 arrived at the warehous
    Ericsson RRUS12 B3 and Ericsson RRUS 12B8 arrived at the warehous Mar 22, 2024
    Ericsson RRUS 12 B8 KRC 161 262/2 WCDMA RUS 12 B8 Remote Radio Unit (900MH) and Ericsson RRUS 12 B3 KRC 161 282/2 RRUS 12 B3 Radio Unit  arrived at the warehous.All of our products can provide test reports. Not only can the product quality be guaranteed, but the price is also low. If you are interested in it, you can email me
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  • A batch of HUAWEI RRU5909-2100 02311TBC reserved by the customer
    A batch of HUAWEI RRU5909-2100 02311TBC reserved by the customer Feb 29, 2024
    Thank you to the Russian customer for their trust in our company. This batch of goods has been successfully shipped. Trading is just the starting point, service has no end, and being trusted by customers is also a very happy thing. To provide the most stable quality and considerate service. We truly hope that Products or Services met your expectations anothat you enjoyed your experience with us.Wewould love to hear any feedback you may havegood or bad.Thanks again for choosing.
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  • Test Ericsson 6630 KDU 137 848/11 Baseband Card
    Test Ericsson 6630 KDU 137 848/11 Baseband Card Jan 24, 2024
    The Ericsson KDU 137 848/11 is a baseband card used in Ericsson's base station equipment. It is designed to handle the processing and control of digital signals in the base station. The card provides advanced functionality and performance for wireless communication networks. With its high capacity and flexibility, it supports various radio access technologies and enables efficient management of network resources. The Ericsson 6630 baseband card plays a crucial role in handling the baseband processing tasks, such as signal modulation and demodulation, channel coding, and network synchronization, ensuring reliable and high-quality communication services.
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