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ZTE S330
ZTE S330

ZTE ZXMP S330 SDH-Based Multi-Service Node Equipment

The ZTE ZXMP S330 is new generation 2.5G/622M MSTP platform integrated

with SDH, PDH, Ethernet, ATM and RPR.

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    1 pc
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    3-5 days
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    six months
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ZTE ZXMP S330 SDH-Based Multi-Service Node Equipment

Product Description  

Superior service access capability enabling eased and flexible service provision

Optical interfaces contain STM-16/4/1 interfaces; electrical interfaces contain STM-1, E3/T3, E1/T1 TDM service interfaces. Offer agile service add/drop;

EOS functions are available in full support of data service models including EPL, EVPL, EPLAN, EVPLAN, accommodating customers demands for delivering high bandwidth data services;

Use embedded-RPR based on flexible logic subnetwork technology to build RPR ring, and the unique RPR span-ring feature breaks up the single ring restriction in RPR networking;

Perfect QoS control enables traffic configuration based on IP priority, DSCP priority, TOS priority, COS priority and port priority;

Provide embedded ATM function, support VP-VC switch, CAC control, CC, and PVC 1+1 protection.

Comprehensive and perfect protection capability ensuring highly reliable network

ZXMP S330 offers 1+1 redundant protection for critical boards, such as clock board, cross-connect board. The system provides 1:Nredundant protection for service interfaces to protect E1/T1/E3/T3/FE/STM-1 (E) electrical tributaries. Single sub-rack can protect 4 groups of electrical tributaries simultaneously.

ZXMP S330 employs dual power distribution system, all functional boards adopt distributed power supply mode, with little impact on power supplies among boards, and greatly erasing the effect on system during plugging/unplugging boards.

ZXMP S330 has ITU-T-recommended networking characteristics. Protection modes include 1+1 multiplex section protection, 2-fiber bidirectional multiplex section protection ring, 4-fiber bidirectional multiplex section protection ring, dual node interconnection protection (DNI) and sub-network connection protection (SNCP).

ZXMP S330 can also offer protection for data service layer. It supports Ethernet shared protection ring, RPR ring protection and ATM 1+1 protection.

Reliable timing synchronous processing capability boosting synchronous network performance

ZXMP S330 employs advanced phase locked circuit, with synchronization to external clock, line clock and E1/T1 tributary clock for option.

The system provides tributary re-timing function for E1 interface.

The system support synchronous priority switching and SSM-based automatic switching, optimizing network timing and synchronization distribution, lowering the difficulties in synchronization planning, avoiding timing loop and ensuring to keep network synchronization the optimal state.

Eased maintenance & upgrade and lowered OPEX

System operation adopts front-facing interfaces, easing maintenance.

Separation of service interface board and processing board enables customer to select and replace interface board types on site according to service demands.

Support online 2.5G optical power detection, facilitating rapid location of line problem and improving maintenance efficiency.

High level of integration results in small footprint; low power consumption leads to reduced electricity charge.

Product Details 


Our Advantages

We have ZTE S330 for sale, including refurbished and new ones, and the price is usually 90% lower than the original supplier's price. Our super fast turnaround time and high-quality inventory all over the world mean that we can accurately deliver the products replaced on the same day to the place where they are needed, and minimize network downtime.

ZTE S330, like all our hardware, takes comprehensive warranty as the standard. Whether you need new products or renovated products, we only purchase green market equipment of the highest quality and environmental protection. All these are provided at the best possible price, and a large amount of cost-effectiveness will be directly passed on to you.

ZTE S330 represents only one product in our world-class hardware portfolio. The portfolio includes very well-known industry names, such as Nokia, Huawei, ZTE, Siemens, Nortel, Ericsson, Alcatel, Lucent, etc. We have a lot of inventory, thank you very much for sharing with customers.

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