Nokia FXED
Huawei SSN3SL16A
Huawei SSN3SL16A
Huawei SSN3SL16A

Huawei SSN3SL16A Board

Huawei SSN3SL16A Board is an STM-16 optical interface board (SL16 for short)

and it supports functions and features such as receiving and sending 1 STM-16

optical signal, overhead processing, and multiplex segment protection.

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    six months
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Huawei SSN3SL16A Board

Product Description  

Huawei SSN3SL16A Board Product Overview

Huawei SSN3SL16A Board is an optical interface board, which can be used on the OptiX OSN7 500 / OSN3500 / OSN2500 / OSN1500 series equipment to realize the reception and transmission of one STM-16 optical signal. Through this board, Huawei SL16A sends the received optical signals to the cross-side after 0 / E conversion, and at the same time, the cross-side electrical signals are sent after E / O conversion. The SDH line board can form a ring network or a chain network with the SLD16 and SLQ16 optical boards in the system.

The Huawei SL16A board consists of a photoelectric conversion module, a MUX / DEMUX module, an SDH overhead processing module, a logic control module, and a power module.

Huawei SSN3SL16A Board Product Feature

Supports optical loop-level inner loopback and outer loopback functions.

Supports VC-4 channel inner loopback function; SSN3SL16A supports VC-4 channel inner loopback function and outer loopback function.

Supports soft reset and hard reset. Soft reset does not affect services.

Support query function of single-board manufacturing information.

Support FPGA online loading function.

N2SL16A and N3SL16A support TCM function.

Supports the smooth upgrade of single-board software.

Support PRBS function.

Supports one-click data collection.

SSN3SL16A(L-16.1,LC) is a 1-port STM-16 optical interface board, can be used on Huawei OSN1500, OSN 2500, OSN 3500, OSN7500. SSN3SL16A(L-16.1,LC) part number is 03052446, model name is SSN3SL16A03, SSN3SL16A08.SSN3SL16A(L-16.1,LC) comes with 1 unit L-16.1 SFP module, transmission distance is 40km. SFP module is swappable to perform different transmission distance.

Product Details 

Huawei SSN3SL16A

Huawei SSN3SL16A

Our Advantages

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